Rules and policies


​​​​Two minute loa​​​ding zone in SCSS car park

Please be aware that the school has 2 minute parking between 7am–9am and 2pm–4pm ​(DOC, 441​​KB) to enable parents to pick up and deliver children quickly and safely to school. Please read the flyer from Ipswich City Council that outlines 2 minute zones.

Payment o​ptions

Please refer to the payment options document (DOC, 59KB)​ when making any school payments.

Attendance pol​​icy

We expect every child to be at school every day unless there is a valid reason for absence. Read our attendance policy (DOC, 56KB)​ to find out what constitutes a valid reason, how to report absences and how the school responds to absences.

If your child is going to be absent for more than 10 consecutive days you are required to complete an ​ application for exemption from compulsory state schooling​ (DOC, 147KB)​.

Refer to the parent information sheet (DOCX, 270KB)  for further information.

Enrolment man​​agement plan

Our school is guided by an enrolment management plan​.​ This plan has been developed to ensure that we retain enrolment capacity to serve the future development within our catchment. 

Student code of conduct

Our ​​student code of conduct (PDF, 3.2MB) which has been endorsed by the P&C committee has a clear focus on self-management, setting high expectations and keeping parents informed. One of the key elements is the managing behaviour flowchart.

Student dress code 

At Springfield Central State School we have an agreed ​standard of dress for the students who attend our school. The dress code goes beyond the agreed standards of specified items of clothing (including uniform, shoes and hats) to expectations of other aspects of personal presentation of students (including bags, hair, jewellery and body art).  This code is endorsed by the P&C and School Council.

Shoes at Springfield Central State School

This poster provides visuals of acceptable and not acceptable shoes (PDF, 231KB) in accordance with our Student dress code. We greatly appreciate the support of parents when sending their child to school in plain black school shoes. children wearing unacceptable shoes will swap shoes for the day and borrow a pair from the school's collection.

Earrings and Hair Accessories

​The Earrings and Hair Accessories.pdf poster provides visuals of acceptable and non-acceptable earrings and hair accessories in accordance with our Student Dress Code.

​​​School bell times

At Springfield Central State School we value punctuality, our bel​l tim​​es (PDF, 100KB) are important to us and we ask parents and students to be vigilant in following the allocated times. We ask that students do not arrive at school before 8.30 am as there is no supervision of students in the mornings.​​

Playground r​ules

​It is important for students to be clear about the rules that ​​are in place for the different play area​s around our school. Each play ​area has a list of sp​​​​​ecific rules (PDF, 92KB).

Insurance cover for students

Some school activities and physical education, particularly contact sports, carry inherent risks of injury. Parents are advised the Department of Education ​does not have student accident insurance cover (PDF,​ 11KB) for students.

Last reviewed 23 June 2022
Last updated 23 June 2022