Why choose our school


Springfield Central State School is an innovative, engaging Independent Public School. The school boasts as amazing outlook, architecturally designed buildings, state of the art technology and 100% connectivity. Our staff and students will always be challenged by our motto ‘Raise the Bar’.

This motto is incorporated into our school logo as a part of an extractable brand. The brand consists of our school abbreviation ‘SC’ above a bar representing the motto and a dot which represents our commitment to maintaining a state of the art digital and technological status. Our band is embossed on a shield of school colours. The shield denotes our belief that we are all stakeholders in protecting, guiding and ensuring quality education and achievement for all of our students.  Our signature programs of Thinking and Technology are symbolised by the TT.

We are proud to be a technology and thinking school. These signature programs will enhance our ability to cater for the learning needs of our 21st century students. In our initial years we will begin our journey towards a whole school robotics program from Prep to Year 6 and a school based thinking program.

Our Vision has been developed collaboratively and defines how we go about our business at SCSS. 

Stage A of construction included two prep classrooms and eight general teaching spaces, along with a responsive and digitally advanced resource hub. Each learning space houses the latest in interactive technology and students will have the opportunity to engage with digital learning devices wirelessly. A practical learning area with cooking facilities and a mini computer pod is shared between each double learning space. A lab of 30 computers is located in our resource hub along with a purpose built green screen wall. This digitally rich environment is the platform that will support and enhance student learning and achievement as we introduce the national curriculum.

Stage B brought an additional Senior Learning hub containing 6 classrooms, a purpose built Robotics and Technology learning space, an instrumental room and a music room.   All which have access to outdoor learning areas enhanced with a kitchenette and art storage. 2 additional prep classrooms were built to cater for the increased in catchment prep enrolments. Our amazing hall was also handed over at the conclusion of Stage 2. Designed as a performance hall, it boasts a large timber stage. The stage is fully functional with a high quality sound system and 6m x 9m digital projector.
We are in initial planning for Stage 3 of construction which will deliver an additional prep building and a Middle Learning Hub comprising 10 classrooms. To cater for the current enrolment growth, the school with house additional demountable buildings.

The National Curriculum (English, Maths, Science, Geography and History) is taught from prep to Year 6 and compliments specialist lessons in music, physical education, Dance, technology and LOTE (Year 6). Students participate in two weekly lessons that explicitly teach the keys of getting along, organisation, confidence, resilience and persistence.

At Springfield Central, on a daily basis our focus is on Raising the Bar both individually and collectively.


Last reviewed 18 May 2020
Last updated 18 May 2020