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Explicit Teaching of Vocabulary

At Springfield Central, we immerse students in language-rich environments.  We use focused, explicit teaching of vocabulary as an integral component of our daily literacy block.  We believe a child's development of a rich and meaningful vocabulary is critical to the improvement of reading, comprehension and written expression. Students need many opportunities to develop a rich vocabulary through integrating the four language processes:  listening, speaking, reading and writing.
Explicit instruction in word-learning strategies gives students tools for independently determining the meanings of unfamiliar words. The explicit teaching of individual words is most effective and most likely to influence comprehension when it is rich, deep and extended. Students need to be exposed multiple times to these words in order to develop deep understanding and knowledge.
Vocabulary instruction at Springfield Central follows the Explicit Instruction Model:
WARM UP: Activates prior knowledge and allows students to review previous learned words
I DO: Explicit teaching and modelling of the word, its definition and use in context
WE DO: Guided practice of the word, its definition and use in context
YOU DO: Independent practice of the word, its definition and use in context
PLOUGH BACK: Students review the word, its definition and use in context by articulating what they learnt
The explicit teaching of vocabulary occurs in every classroom at 8.45am from years 1 - 6, every day across the week. Therefore, it is critical to a child’s vocabulary development that they are at school on time, every day.  We see a strong correlation between late arrival to school and poor vocabulary results.
The words and definitions for each grade level are: