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It is expected that every child in Years 1 to 6 complete the non-negotiable homework components. Prep to Year 6 students are expected to participate in home reading and record their reading in their Home Reader Log. 

It is important to note that home reader levels are allocated exclusively by the classroom teacher. Students reading below Level I in the classroom will bring home a reader one level below. Once students are reading at Level I, their home readers will match their instructional reader in the classroom. This is to ensure that students in the early phases of reading are not faced with new learnings during home reading. A specific aim of home reading in the junior years is to develop the love of reading. The school encourages parents to read beyond home reader books with their children. Home readers are exchanged by volunteer parents Mondays to Thursdays. Please refer to our Home Reader policy (PDF,113 KB)

We have a Wall of Fame in our Resource Learning Hub where all students who achieve 100 nights of home reading (logged) are celebrated. Next time you are at school, take a look at the Wall of Fame. Students also receive a custom designed bookmark. Congratulations to Breanna Munn for her winning design.

For students who wish to ‘Opt In’ to further homework tasks there are nine optional tasks available for each term. There are three tasks in the areas of English, Maths and Science for each year level.
Our homework cycle is a Monday to Friday. Homework completion will be monitored each Friday by classroom teachers and opportunity will be provided for ‘Opt In’ students to share their work.

Please refer to our Homework policy (PDF, 93KB) for how we respond to incomplete Homework.

Components of our homework are web based. Students are provided with log on and passwords upon receipt of EE4L.

By registering with Mathletics, parents have access to a weekly report which summarises their child's achievements for the week.  This can be accessed at:


Spelling City


Homework activities for each year level

  • Prep

    Homework suggestions for Prep students.

  • Year 1

    Links to opt in homework activities for Year 1.

  • Year 2

    Links to opt in homework activities for Year 2.

  • Year 3

    Links to opt in homework activities for Year 3.

  • Year 4

    Links to opt in homework activities for Year 4.

  • Year 5

    Links to opt in homework activities for Year 5.

  • Year 6

    Links to opt in homework activities for Year 6.