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Last Wednesday, 27 students attended the Youth Sustainability Summit, run by the Ipswich City Council.
It was a terrific journey,
Firstly, we listened to a presentation by a lovely lady and learned how to treat the environment respectfully. Then we did a fast fashion workshop and used reused materials to make an accessory with materials that was completely recycled. We also learned about why people just throw their clothing away, just because it is not in fashion anymore. Not only did we discuss that, we discussed what fast fashion is and what slow fashion is.
During morning tea with lovely entertainment, four girls from Raceview State School came and talked to us about their terrific program at Tangalooma Resort. Then we had to build a beach out of plasticine and kinetic sand, learning about where it is safe and not safe to build things like on a sand dune.
Next was lunch, when we were finished we chose if we wanted to go downstairs and play on the playground, made fully out of reused and recycled materials, or learn where to put your food and learn if you should just throw it out or put it in compost.
After our fun journey we went back to the auditorium and listened to Annette McFarlane talk about different animal species and animals. She did a quiz and swapped with the people behind us. There was about ten schools at the Summit. Then we gave our quiz sheets back to Annette’s helpers and put our sheet back into our school’s box. If our slip got pulled out, we got a special prize a plant. Alessana won a peace lily as our prize. After this we, as a school, came up with some ideas on how to improve our schools environment. Some of the ideas were a bee hive, to use our free space in our school properly and fill it with some beautiful plants, and every classroom having a class plant. All our ideas were thought of carefully, then we presented them in front of schools.
After the presentations, Costa talked to us and gave all the schools some feedback and ours we took on. Just before we left, Sarah our host talked to us and said to think in your head what was your favourite thing you did today? Then we wrapped everything up.
Thank you to Mrs Desic and Ms Payne and all the volunteers, bus drivers and the people from Reverse Garbage, the Ipswich city council, Costa and Annette for helping us understand that recycling and reusing can make a difference in the world.