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​Our experience at the Queensland Parliament House was filled with stories, delicious food and a tour. We explored the insides of a library, the Green and Red Chambers and the courtyard. When we first entered the building, we were hit by a musty wave of history. Afterwards we visited the library, and there were thousands of books about the Government, stored on shelves beside a marble fireplace. Then they introduced us to the Red Chamber that was named so, due to the crimson carpeting. There was also a very old chandelier that had to be taken apart – every single piece – then hand washed, dried and put back in place every few months. Although the Green chamber didn’t have a majestic diamond chandelier, it did include a table for each member of the Parliament, complete with microphones and plush chairs. They also showed us the courtyard with chimney tops displayed along the barrier of the grass. Then to end it all they gave us a delicious meal, completing the day with different types of meats and vegetables. Overall, it was an amazing experience and we would love to do it again.
By Minduli and Thalia