Our school is transitioning to ONESCHOOL just before the Easter break. This will be quite a complex and involved process. During this process the school will be unable to provide digital invoices or receipts. This is the reason we have asked for CASK payments for the disco. Any monies paid between now and deployment will be processed, however, will receive a paper hand written receipt.
We THANK everyone in advance for their patience and consideration during this transition period. Please contact us if you have any concerns or questions about the following ONESCHOOL Release information.
In 2008, the Department of Education and Training introduced the OneSchool application to schools as a new school information management system. Each year new functionality has been added to the application. In 2009, curriculum and assessment modules were made available and in 2010 Timetabling functionality was been released to all state schools in Queensland.
 In 2012, finance, asset and student management modules will be deployed to the remainder of Queensland state schools. The new functionality will enable schools to deliver improved services to parents for student enrolment and invoicing. 
Strict protocols around security levels and access to the OneSchool application have been employed by the Department of Education and Training to ensure the protection of data and privacy. Staff members are assigned a security level which enables access to specific information and records about students enrolled at their school. These security levels restrict staff members to only the information they need to be able to perform their duties at the school. Only current departmental employees who are legitimate users are able to log on to the OneSchool application which requires complex passwords to gain access. The principal at each school decides who at the school has access and identifies the type of access each staff member has to view or record data in the OneSchool application. 
With the addition of new OneSchool functionality, we are able to offer a BPAY facility for parents to use when paying school invoices.  BPAY will enable parents to make payments when it is convenient to them and not just during school business hours. School invoices will include a customer reference code and biller code which you will use if you choose to use BPAY for payments.
If you decide to pay a school invoice by BPAY, the payment will be deducted from invoices for excursions (Variation to School Routines) first and then in date order of outstanding invoices (oldest invoices first). If a payment is greater than the outstanding invoices, a credit will be applied to your account. If you wish to pay a specific invoice that does not match this sequence, you can pay the invoice using our other payment methods.
Payment of Invoices
Some parents share the financial responsibility of any costs associated with their child’s education. With OneSchool, we are able to identify each person who is responsible for curriculum and non-curriculum type costs, and record the percentage for which each person is liable. Therefore if you share financial responsibility, you will be invoiced only for the amount you are required to contribute for only the charges for which you are liable. Please contact our Business Services Manager on 34708666 to utilise this service.
Emailing Invoices
From 2012, parents who have provided the school with their email address will receive invoices via email. If you have not given the school your email address please contact the school administration on 34708666 or e-mail
Parents will be able to recognise the invoice emails as the sender will be identified as the OneSchool application with the subject line including the school’s name. The invoice will be attached to the email as a PDF document. 
In OneSchool, a state wide search for students already enrolled in a Queensland state school can be preformed which will reduce the time and paperwork involved when enrolling your child. Before OneSchool, the information a school is required to collect on enrolment was kept at the single school alone. When you enrolled your child at another Queensland state school (transfer, high school, etc.) you had to provide the same information by completing the entire enrolment form again. From MONDAY APRIL 16,  if your child has been previously enrolled in a Queensland state school, we will be able to perform a search for your child. You will only need to update your information.
If you are enrolling your child for the first time but have an older child already enrolled in a state school, we can relate the siblings and again you will only need to update inaccurate information.  
When OneSchool is available in all state schools, the only time you should have to complete the entire enrolment process is on the initial enrolment of your child in a Queensland state school. Subsequent enrolments should only require the updating of information.
The state wide search can only be performed by an authorised staff member at each school and an audit log is kept of the details of all searches.
Diverse Family Arrangements
From Monday 16th April we will be able to more accurately record the details of parents with whom the student lives or doesn’t live. By identifying information about ‘residential’ and ‘non residential’ parents, we will be able to distinguish which parent/parents are to receive correspondence, student report cards, invoices, etc. or is to be identified as an emergency contact. Information can be updated or changed at any time it is required.
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Last reviewed 05 May 2020
Last updated 05 May 2020