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Oh boy, what a day! Emu Gully was a magnificent day for all the student leaders. Two of the most important aspects were respect and getting along and we all tried and strived to do that the best that we could.
The first activity that we did was the hula hoop race and that involved a lot of getting along and communication. All of the student leaders, as a team, set the record and held it at 18 seconds for the hula hoop race. One of the most fun and challenging activities was the tunnels. It involved a lot of getting along and helping other leaders out. The skill that I think was used the most was common sense because we had to fight our way through and out of the tunnels and find a way to all fit in the tunnels.
The next activity was the mud and BOY, I found that really challenging, but fun at the same time! The mud was a very challenging activity but here are some ideas to fill you in on what we did in the mud. We started off by going across a very slippery mat. After everyone had crossed the mat we got straight into action and jumped right into the mud. As a team, we made a plan while we were in the mud. The plan was we should stay in a straight line and give encouragement to help everyone through the mud. The trickiest thing I found was climbing over the bridges in the mud. To do this we had to give each other a boost. Last but not least was the truck ride and that’s what I think that all the student leaders enjoyed, especially Mrs Thomasen.
Last of all, I would like to thank all the teachers that were involved and helped us in the camp to help us be our best, not the best. 
~ Corey (6K9 class representative)